Disrupting the conventional SANS testing through affordable IoT, linear automation and data visualization. RCT shook hands with Omega Test House to come up with a cost effective way to do product testing and verification. Given a 2 month deadline, RCT managed to deliver a fully featured fully functional and future proof automation computers with legendary yet futuristic Star Trek inspired LCARS user interfaces. With no time to waist the has gone from idea directly to working product excluding the concept and prototype phase of the life cycle. This was a huge risk in any inventors opinion, but the result speaks for itself. Measured sensor data not limited to pressure, temperature, strain, flow, cycle counts, etc. are captured on a central database for report generation, diagnostics, dash-boarding, and much more. Design features a 250w power supply, dust proof negative pressure cooling, high definition touch screen interface, industrial grade connectors, high current motor drivers, multi sbc, and quad core management computer and much more. Speed is priority and the python based game engine ensures vital sensor data is delivered to the DBMS error free and wireless. Stay tuned for more updates.