What is an autonomous vehicle?

It is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. It is essentially self-driving/flying vehicles.  They use a variety of sensory techniques to detect their surroundings such as GPS, radar, altimeters, gyroscopes, etc. They also include an on-board control systems that are capable of analyzing sensory data in order to determine vehicle speed, stability and heading.

What we do

Autopilot Systems

From planes, copters, cars to rovers, RCT Integrates a wide range of autopilot systems into any project. Ardupilot, pixhawk, px4, etc. are among the popular autopilot systems available on the market we offer our expertise on. 

If there are other autopilot system available on the market you are interested in, we will help you find, install and configure it into your project.

Navigation Lighting Systems

Navigation lights are an important aspect for any autonomous and non-autonomous flight used to signal a vehicle’s position, heading, and status. We make navigation light control systems to your specification regarding:

  • Strobe timing
  • Brightness
  • Unit Size & scalability

Antenna Tracking

For long distance vehicles it is recommended to use an antenna tracking system. Antenna tracking extends the communication distance between the ground station and vehicle. Our antenna tracking principle is based on line-of-sight communication which provides less interference, less hacking vulnerability and more bandwidth

Communication Systems

Whatever your autonomous vehicle communications needs are, we will find and integrate a system that works for you

Ground Control Station Systems

A Ground control station(GCS) is a control centre that provides the facilities for human control of of your autonomous vehicle. Whether a vehicle is remotely piloted or fully autonomous, a GCS is necessary to receive telemetry data  from the vehicle in order to report on position, status and to receive information from the vehicle such as a video feed, photos, etc.

We offer GCS:

  • Setup improvements
  • Additional functionality
  • Range enhancements
  • And many more